Kihei Golden Palm Breeze (I)

Golden luster blankets the Humpback playground.

The brilliant golden tones of Maui’s sunset over Ma’alaea Bay’s Humpback Whale playground with the foreground silhouette of a gently blowing palm tree offers a glimpse of Lanai in the distance.

This piece shows well alone or in your choice of grouping with a total of five panels from Kihei Golden Palm Breeze and Kehei Golden Sunset collections.

Artist Jeff Conway’s vision is brought to life using a photographic base with digital watercolor and oil effects printed on metallic finish or canvas media applying a hand brushed acrylic topcoat for a textured translucence individualizing each piece.

Kihei Golden Palm Breeze / Kihei Wai Kula Pāma Ahe.
Signed First Edition Series, 30″h x 20″w
Original Digital Art, Hand-Brushed Acrylic Texture on Metallic Finish Archival Paper
Certificate of Authenticity.
Also available on archival stretched canvas.

Contact us for gallery information and available editions.

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  1. The palm tree is an iconic symbol that calls to mind peaceful days on beautiful island beaches. While its gentle sway in the tropical breeze suggests an easygoing nature, its deep roots demonstrate great strength and resilience that enable it to endure the most adverse conditions. May we all be as resilient as the palm tree, bending but never breaking during life’s unpredictable storms.

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