Fire Warrior (I)

Fire Warrior (I)

The power of Hawaiian culture is never more captivating than witnessing the polynesian warriors performing fire dances to tribal drums. Hula shows are a great way to celebrate and learn about the history of the island’s first inhabitants.

This art piece lights your imagination and concentrates all of the majesty and mystery into a single moment captured in time.

Artist Jeff Conway’s vision is brought to life using a photographic base with digital watercolor and oil effects printed on metallic finish or canvas media applying a hand brushed acrylic topcoat for a textured translucence individualizing each piece.

Fire Warrior (I) / Pu’ali Pele (I).
Signed First Edition Series, 30″h x 20″w
Original Digital Art, Hand-Brushed Acrylic Texture on Metallic Finish Archival Paper
Certificate of Authenticity.
Also available on archival stretched canvas.

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