Fire Warrior – II

Fire Warrior (II)

Fire Warrior (II) takes you up close in a re-framing of the moment of offering to Pele, the polynesian God of fire.

Remember your favorite Hawaiian luau experiences in the richly toned luminance as Pu’ali Pele dances in your imagination.

Artist Jeff Conway’s vision is brought to life using a photographic base with digital watercolor and oil effects printed on metallic finish or canvas media applying a hand brushed acrylic topcoat for a textured translucence individualizing each piece.

Fire Warrior (II) / Pu’ali Pele (II).
Signed First Edition Series, 30″h x 20″w
Original Digital Art, Hand-Brushed Acrylic Texture on Metallic Finish Archival Paper
Certificate of Authenticity.
Also available on archival stretched canvas.

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